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Our team specializes in saving Massachusetts-based customers money by accessing the benefits of the Mass Save® program. The program strives to reduce energy demand throughout the state, minimize strain on the electric grid, reduce carbon emissions, and help homeowners save energy and money. Keep reading to learn more about how the Mass Save® program works.


Who Is Eligible for Mass Save® Incentives and Equipment Rebates?

To be eligible for the residential equipment rebates and incentives Mass Save® offers, you must be a customer of a participating utility company (listed above) and live in a one to four-unit home.

Before you can qualify for rebates or incentives, you must schedule and complete a no-cost home energy assessment with an authorized Mass Save® home assessment contractor. Absolute Home Insulation is a proud Mass Save® partner. 

Why Choose Mass Save®?

Start benefiting from the Mass Save® program with a no-cost home energy audit.

Receive eligible energy-saving devices that increase your money savings.

Learn how to increase your home’s energy efficiency.
Access Mass Save® incentives and equipment rebates on home improvements, appliances, and energy savings devices.

We Can Help You Maximize Your Mass Save® Savings

Here at Absolute Home Insulation, we share the mission of the Mass Save® program and are committed to helping our customers save as much money as possible on their efficiency upgrades and ongoing energy savings.

As an authorized Mass Save® contractor partner, we can complete your no-cost home energy assessment and help you take advantage of this Massachusetts energy-saving program. Our team will make the process as simple and straightforward as possible and ensure you receive maximum savings. It all starts with a no-cost home energy assessment with Absolute Home Insulation. Schedule yours today! 

What Is a Mass Save® No-Cost Home Energy Assessment?

A Mass Save® home energy assessment is a comprehensive review of your home’s performance, including its insulation levels, weatherization, appliances, and more. The assessment pinpoints the exact locations in which your home is wasting energy so that you can make targeted and impactful improvements.

Mass Save® offers no-cost home energy assessments, and you must have an assessment completed in order to qualify for incentives and equipment rebates. Once your Mass Save® energy assessment is complete, you’ll receive a personalized energy report that details the results of your assessment and provides a list of recommended upgrades. The specific rebates and incentives you qualify for will depend on the results of your assessment, among other factors, including your annual household income.

Schedule a no-cost home energy assessment today. Call 1-888-861-0983 or contact us via the form below to get started. 

Get Your No-Cost Massachusetts Home Energy Assessment!